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Aquatic OT

What is Aquatic OT?

Typically run in a pool, Aquatic OT is an evidence-based therapy that provides all of the therapeutic benefits of traditional OT, while providing the opportunity to safely learn about and enjoy the experience of water.

Swimming Victory

How can Aquatic OT help your child?

Aquatic OT utilises the calm and pressurised experience of water to strengthen, develop and organise a child’s movement, thinking and self-regulation skills. So, while a child is learning to connect and explore a safe and controlled water environment, they are mastering meaningful skills of daily living, through OT intervention.

For those children who find traditional OT sessions challenging, Aquatic OT may be a more beneficial way of engaging in OTDue to the enriching and active nature of the therapy, it is known best for its ability to regulate sensory challenges and active behaviours. 

Additionally, Aquatic OT provides the benefit of improving your child’s water safety skills, in a one on one or group environment.


Sessions are run in the local pool of 'The Sands' Torquay with the opportunity for ocean-based sessions in summer (please click here for locations).

Who is Aquatic OT suitable for?

Aquatic OT can benefit anyone who has been referred to OT for:

Water safety and survival skills

 Fine and Gross Motor skill development (strength, coordination, balance)

Sensory Processing Difficulties

 Executive Function Development (thinking skills)

Emotional regulation 

 Self-care skills (tasks of daily living)

Water safety and survival skills

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