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Meet our Team

Welcome to Creative Connections OT.


We are Beth and Alex, parents and neuro-affirming paediatric occupational therapists with a passion to promote confidence, independence, and authentic connection in the children we work with.

Our therapy approach aims to empower our clients to embrace their strengths and discover their authentic selves. 

As paediatric OT's, we value the role we play in supporting children and families to grow, learn and participate in meaningful activities. We want to be part of the journey with our clients, problem solve through the setbacks and celebrate the wins.


Alex Emmett

Paediatric Occupational Therapist 
Co-Director of Creative Connections OT
Alex is a compassionate and driven occupational therapists with significant experience working collaboratively with young children and their families.  Alex's therapy approach is strengths-based and always draws on a child’s interests to positively support safety, connection, confidence and skill development.
Alex employs her extensive professional development knowledge, applying evidence-based practices and drawing from core principles of DIR Floortime, Attachment Theory and Polyvagal Theory in order to support a child’s nervous system safety.
Alex’s clinical interests include pre-school and primary-school development, Autism, ADHD, Trauma and advocating for her neurodiverse clients. Being well aware of the challenges and stigma surrounding our neurodiverse populations, Alex continually strives to educate and bridge the gap of understanding within the communities she works.
Alex also values the importance of collaborative relationships with a child’s family and care team and offers parent and school education support, so skills are transferred across valued settings and a realistic plan is put in place.
Outside of work Alex’s recreational passions are travel, camping with her family, hiking, trail running and netball.
Alex currently accepts OT consults, please click here to book a referral.

Beth Beaumont 

Paediatric Occupational Therapist 

Aquatic OT Provider

Co-Director of Creative Connections OT


Beth Beaumont is a passionate Paediatric OT with a wealth of experience working with children from varied cultural, social and neurological backgrounds. Beth’s dedication to child safety, education and development spans across 19 years of work. Throughout that time, Beth has maintained a strong focus in childhood disability inclusion and advocacy. It wasn’t until 2017, after graduating in OT that Beth found her place as a Paediatric Early Intervention OT, and has been working in this role within the private sector since.


Beth employs a ‘top down’ approach to paediatric OT; working with a child’s physical, cognitive and personality strengths to build on their self-determination, sense of autonomy and confidence. ​

Above all, Beth is a passionate advocate for neuroaffirming therapy, and feels a big part of her role as an early intervention specialist is challenging the stigma of neurodiverse conditions and the double empathy problem.

Beth’s clinical interests include Infant and pre-school development, school-age Intervention, water-based therapy, neurodevelopment/neurodiverse differences and developing self-determination and a sense of autonomy within young people.

Beth currently accepts consults, please click here to book a referral.


Ella-Jane Riley

Paediatric Occupational Therapist


Ella-Jane is a paediatric Occupational Therapist who is passionate about supporting children and their families to engage in meaningful aspects of daily life.  Ella-Jane graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from Deakin University in 2022. During her studies she worked as a disability support worker, therapy assistant, and as an outdoor activity leader. These varying roles helped spark her interest in supporting children and young adults to engage in meaningful activities within their homes, local communities, and their natural environments. Ella-Jane has experience supporting children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Intellectual Disabilities. Ella-Jane values creating a safe, trusting, and inclusive environment to foster young children and their families to achieve therapeutic goals. Outside of work, Ella-Jane enjoys spending her time in nature, surfing, practicing yoga, volunteering at local community farms, or engaging in creative outlets. 

Ella-Jane currently accepts consults, please click here to book a referral.


Julia Castricum

Allied Health Administration Support

Julia is a vital part to the CCOT team in her role as Allied Health Administration Support. Julia supports the team with back of house administration and social media support, while providing a key perspective in trauma-informed communication and family support. Julia comes from a background in child protection and aligns with CCOT's passion for supporting vulnerable children and families. 
In Julia's spare time she trains as a professional Mau Thai fighter and loves spending time with her young family.

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